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D Woodcock

David Woodcock candidate

  • b 1771 Attleboro – Union, ME - Jonesboro, ME - Oak Bay, NS - d 1849

  • 1796 and 1797 deeds, housewright

D + Woodcock

David Woodcock candidate

b 10-23-1771 Attleboro - 1795 Union, ME - 1805 Jonesboro, ME - 1810 Oak Bay/Saint David, Nova Scotia - d 12-7-1849

ID'd as a housewright in 1796 and 1797 deeds in Union, ME (one with fellow housewright Rufus Dyer).


David was the second of David (1742-1790) and Abigail Woodcock's six children. Since the family moved from Attleboro ca 1784, David Jr. probably trained in Union, ME. David Jr. married Aphia Peabody in late 1794.


David Jr. seems to have had issues with his family following the death of his father and the settling of the estate. In 1805 judgements were levied against David Jr. in disputes with his mother Abigail and youngest brother Theodore. He moved from Union to Jonesboro, ME that same year. The family stayed there about five years and in 1810 they moved a final time to Oak Bay, Nova Scotia with their 10 children. All told, David and Aphia had 13 children.

Note: Sorting out the Woodcock family was a bit difficult as there was a second family of the same name who moved from Attleboro, MA to Winthrop, ME ca 1782. The US census records and period deeds provided the key evidences. 

In the 1800 US census, there were four D Woodcocks, the two in ME, one in Schoharie, NY and one in Holden, MA. Deeds were checked in Worcester, Suffolk, Norfolk and Bristol Counties, MA.


Descendants of George Holmes, History of the Woodcock Family 1692-1912, History of Winthrop, ME, History of the Town of Union, Lincoln Co., ME.

Plow plane. 9 3/8" long, birch with hickory wedge and thumbscrew.

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