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IS Guild

Israel S Guild (1803 - 1868)

Fairlee, VT.

Cabinetmaker and chairmaker.

Material and research by Tom Whalen. 

  I.S. Guild

Fairlee Vermont

By Tom Whalen

Israel Steward Guild was a cabinetmaker and chairmaker living in Fairlee Vermont. Israel was born on September 29, 1803, in Fairlee, the son of John and Olive Guild. John worked as a cabinetmaker and chairmaker, his son Israel followed him learning the trade.

I have a moulding plane made by Israel in my collection, the plane is signed I. S. Guild. The 7/16’’ bead plane is made of beech, 9 1/8’ in length with a Sleeper style wedge. The plane body has rounded chamfers, turning down at the toe and heel. Judging from the wear on the plane's profile it has seen extensive use. The plane dates to the 1820’s.

Israel married Sarah Gould on September 6, 1829, they raised 8 children. They lived in Hartford Vermont in 1830, relocating to Fairlee in1831.

Israel is listed in the U.S. Census of 1830 as a cabinetmaker, in the 1840 census he is listed as cabinetmaker living in Fairlee Vermont. In the 1850 Census Israel’s occupation is listed as a cabinetmaker and chairmaker. It is interesting to note that 1850 Census lists Israel’s father John, as a chairmaker, still actively, working at age 84. Israel and John worked together up to John’s passing in 1851. With more than 30 years as a cabinetmaker, one would think that there are more of his planes made by him. This plane was found in Lancaster NH.

The 1860 Census lists Israel working as a cabinetmaker and a tinker. Israel Steward Guild died in Fairlee Vermont on April 23, 1868, at age 65.

Are there any other IS Guild planes in collections? We would like to know. Please Email Tom at:

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