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O King 

Obadiah King (mark A shown)

  • (1785 -1873) Plymouth, MA

  • 1815 deed cabinet maker

  • 1816 deed housewright

  • 1865 census carpenter

K W King (mark B) in GAWP5 fits with his 7th and last child Kendall W King, housewrght, also of Plymouth

O King

GAWP5 mentions two ca 1800 molders with the A imprint and a third ca 1800 molder that also has a KW King imprint. The KW King imprint proved to be the key evidence pointing to Obadiah King of Plymouth.

Obadiah and Hannah had 7 children in Plymouth, the last being Kendall W King (1825-1891), housewright.

Obadiah was a cabinetmaker in a 1815 deed and a housewright in a 1816 deed. In an 1865 census he was listed as a carpenter.

Interestingly, the O King molder below shows an unusual treatment of the front side chamfers ending above the shoulder step. This is detail is similar to the "early" S King  molder included in the new information entry for S King. This uncommon detail originally seemed to suggest that O King and S King were related, which has not found to have been the case.

Other O Kings

Another Obadiah of Greenville, NY built a sawmill in 1801 on Potic Creek, but doesn't seem to be a strong contender for O King. In CT, Micah King was a joiner and his brother Obidiah moved to NY (perhaps this id the O King associated with the sawmill.) Essex Co, MA deeds were searched for craftsman as the two mentioned O King molders had Sleeper style wedge finials but no O Kings were found. The 1800 census yield three O Kings in NY, but later NY census records didn't include any with a woodworking trade. 

The O King molder below does not have an attribution.

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