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Quincy Fisher (17764-1824)

  • Medfield, MA, housewright

  • Deeds 1800 - 1820, housewright

  • 1824 inventory included mach planes, grooving plow, cruze tools, planes


Quincy Fisher

                                                                                                                                       12” birch

Quincy Fisher, Medfield, MA 1776-1824, Housewright

Deeds 1800-1820, trade mostly housewright with a couple of yeoman entries. Several concern a sawmill with associated tools.

1824 Inventory included: axe, broad axe, adze, augers, framing chisels, square and compass, shaves, saws, mach planes, grooving plow, cruze tools, planes, hammer, gimblets, oil stone and saw set.

Parents John and Mary, Medfield. John died in 1790 and Quincy appointed a guardian, Nahum White.

m Ame Allen 5-14-1801

children:              Ame 1802-1802                                 Meriam 1814-1815

                                William 1803-1806                            Miriam 1816-1895

                                William Q 1809-1886                        John 1820-1820

                                Amy 1811-1860


1800 deed

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